Sidebar Shuffling

'Twas time to take another look at the links on my sidebar, to see if the sites are live, if the blogs have posted in the last six months, etc. Below are some links moved from my sidebar to my sidebar graveyard.
:: ArchitEXploitation
:: bookendless
:: Critical Spatial Practice
:: Danda
:: Defpoints
:: Design Rag
:: Die Gläserne Kette
:: Eating Bark
:: Looking Around
:: The Loss of Silence
:: Miss Representation
:: NY Architecture Examiner
:: The Pocket Square
:: rory hyde dot com blog
:: Social Practice
:: Stories of Houses
:: Thoughts on Architecture
:: Triple Mint
:: Under the Skyscraper
As well I checked the graveyard to see if any blogs have started up again or if they've disappeared entirely. The latter have just been deleted, but the former includes the following sites that have been moved back to my sidebar from the graveyard.
:: Architectural Prozac
:: Arquitectearte
:: Bird to the North
:: Future Feeder
:: twobo arquitectura
And I've added to my sidebar the category architectural links::architect profiles, featuring sites that feature profiles of architecture offices. These sorts of sites didn't really fit neatly into other categories, though there is some overlap as some are subsets of larger sites, be they profiles or other content linked in other categories.
:: AD 100
:: american-architects
:: architecture-page
:: Architizer
:: Architonic
:: australian-architects
:: austria-architects
:: california-architects
:: chinese-architects
:: For Architects
:: german-architects
:: italian-architects
:: japan-architects
:: newyork-architects
:: Remodelista Directory
:: swiss-architects
:: world-architects
:: yourchitect