Today's archidose #426

Lonnekerspoorlaan, originally uploaded by Marc ZZZ.

Lonnekerspoorlaan by various architects in Roombeek, Enschede, the Netherlands. The above composite of 25 pictures can be seen in a much LARGER VERSION (definitely recommended).

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  1. Wow, my feelings about this photo are so conflicted.
    Something tells me I should love the design, yet... yet... I'm disturbed by the complete absence of people, combined with the fact that this nice medium-density facade is backed by detached housing so obviously accessed by private auto. Potemkin urbanism?

  2. The lack of people may stem from how the shot is composed of 25 photos; each could have been taken so as to not have a person "interfering" with the architecture. I'm curious how these blocks fit into the city...what is opposite these building fronts? A mirror image? Water? Detached housing?


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