Friday, June 04, 2010

A Weekly Dose of Architecture, v2 Beta

For the last few months I've been slowly migrating my weekly page from old-fashioned html to WordPress. While I'm not even half way done I've decided to link to the new site to get some feedback on the v2 Beta version and to tweak it before the whole site is migrated. About five years worth has been put into WordPress (245 "doses" and 36 book reviews) with more added every week. Click the image below to visit the future home of a weekly dose of architecture.


I'm currently using the Neutica theme, with some slight revisions, nothing major. I think it's a cool theme, even though the content is sometimes overshadowed by the other two columns; it's not a widescreen format in any way. If you have any comments on the design, layout and any features on the site, please post them on my v2 Beta page. I'm aware of some areas that need improvement, particularly the archive page and the shifting sidebar on short posts, but I'm sure there's plenty more that I'm not aware of. Any comments are appreciated.