A Daily Dose of Architecture, v2

Tonight and maybe tomorrow I'll be migrating this blog to one of Blogger's upgraded templates. (This is different than the migration I previously mentioned.) This change should make browsing the blog better, among other things, and it will take away some of the headaches I've had from using the old templates, modified by me beyond recognition (part of the problem).

The upgrade will look different but will have basically the same three-column layout. I'll need to research on keeping a few of the bells and whistles I've grown to like, namely the collapsing comments and sidebar truncation on individual posts. I'm also going to look into making "v2" work with mobile devices.

That said, bear with me over the weekend as this change happens.

Update, 45 minutes later: Flipped the switch and copied over the sidebar information. I'm digging the background image (corresponds with "this week's dose"), but it's not static on iPad (I like it static, with the content scrolling in front of it). Nevertheless the transparent boxes and background image are more readable on iPad than a laptop with Firefox.

Update, 2 hours 45 minutes later: Fixed the sidebar so the long list of links and recommended books don't show up on individual post pages. Another thing I noticed that could be improved is the differentiation between posts on the main and archive pages. Right now the posts bleed together, so it is hard to see, at least at a quick glance or scroll, where one post ends and the next begins.


  1. Please drop the background image, it's pretty ugly on large resolutions (like my 2560*1440). The background is repeating.

  2. Damien - I'm not going to give up on the background image that easily. I turned off the background repeat, so it should be gray to the left and right of the background...and below in browsers like Safari where the content doesn't scroll in front of the background image.

  3. I don't like the background image either. It takes focus away from the text and photos. I'd rather a white or medium gray. been reading for a couple years.

  4. SuperVixen - Point taken. But call me stubborn, I've softened the background image in Photoshop to help the content pop in front of the image, instead of eliminating it just yet. Maybe I need to have a pool about the background image?

  5. I haven't seen v2 until now, so I don't know how the background was interfering before.
    But I like the way things look at the moment.

  6. Did I write "pool"? I meant poll.

    eBohn - You're a Safari man, right? Does the background image scroll with the content? Or is it fixed, with the content scrolling in front of it? If it's like the iPad it's the former.

  7. Yes, I am a Safari man. Rugged, fearless, with dry skin.

    Background static and subdued, content scrolling.

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