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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Widgets Galore

Those who actually visit this site -- as opposed to reading it via a feed-reader of some sort -- may notice some changes to the sidebar:

:: Delicious Links have been added just below my weekly page links. I'm showing the last ten, and you can visit my Delicious page by clicking the heading.

:: Facebook and twitter icons have been added to "My Other Stuff":

archidose_facebook.gif archidose_twitter.gif

I'm trying to use these social tools for more than just linking to posts on this blog and my weekly page. Bear with me as I figure out what to do with those sites.

:: The far right sidebar now features four random books from my library, powered by LibraryThing. Clicking a title brings up a lightbox with more information and links to Amazon, LibraryThing, etc. Titles may look familiar, as they are books I've reviewed here and on my weekly page.

So, any comments on the above additions? Are the first and last slowing down the site considerably? Are they all taking up too much space? Or are they just s'wonderful additions, making your visit that much more pleasurable?

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