WTC Aerial Update

The last time I posted an update of construction progress at the World Trade Center site was, appropriately, last September. Seeing an aerial of the site (taken July 7, 2010) in a collection of NYC aerial images prompted me to do another quick progress update.

[labels by archidose | photo by Daniel Acker/Bloomberg | image source]

The most recognizable progress is the ever-growing Freedom Tower, set to be over 500-feet high by the end of the year. Tower 4 trails behind, but at least it's out of the ground. The sites for towers 2 and 3 are now just a big hole in the ground. Also noticeable is the deconstruction of the former Deutsche Bank Building at 130 Liberty Street, slowly revealing the recently completed W Hotel. Not visible is the WTC Hub by Calatrava (behind 7 WTC), though the work to date has primarily been below grade. Also below sidewalk level are the pools for the National September 11 Memorial, set to open on the 10th anniversary of the attacks.


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