31 in 31: #3

This is a series for August 2010 which documents my on-the-ground research for my guidebook to contemporary NYC architecture (to be released next year by W. W. Norton). Archives can be found at the bottom of the post and via the 31 in 31 label.

Pier 62 Carousel

Chelsea Cove is a recently opened portion of the Hudson River Park's Segment 5, which stretches from Pier 64 south to Pier 54, by the popular Chelsea Piers. Designed by Michael van Valkenburgh Associates, the segment has the "largest continuous park spaces within the Hudson River Park." The Cove features a central lawn, skate park, carousel, and entry garden. The Pier 62 Carousel is by CRSTUDIO, who "grafted a faceted thin shed roof over the carousel, unifying it with the shard-like planting forms that co-inhabit the pier."

Pier 62 Carousel

The enclosure is basically five trusses, columns, and a planted roof. The last is visible from the north (top photo) and the east (above), but I wish it was even more overt, like a canted billboard for green roofs. Diagrams on this page give a better idea of how the trusses work; in person the angled structure is a bit confusing, reflecting the fragmented form of the site.

Pier 62 Carousel won't be the only old carousel with a new enclosure inhabiting a New York City riverside park; Jane's Carousel is set to open in Spring 2011 in Brooklyn Bridge Park, in new digs designed by Jean Nouvel.

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  1. Funny, I just went for a jog along the West Side Highway and ended up exactly at this location. I've been meaning to find out more. It's a beautiful site with impressive gardens, and the lawn wasn't too packed. I made a mental note to come back. It looks like a local's favorite for weekend reading or sunbathing. Thanks for posting! Nice redesign too, by the way. Liz


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