31 in 31: #4

This is a series for August 2010 which documents my on-the-ground -- and on-the-webs -- research for my guidebook to contemporary NYC architecture (to be released next year by W. W. Norton). Archives can be found at the bottom of the post and via the 31 in 31 label.

[Bronx River Art Center, existing | image source]

Driving around the Bronx a couple weekends ago, I would not have thought to go check out the Bronx River Art Center for my book. The 100-year-old building (above) is nondescript, to say the least. But during an internet search to find the architect of a nearby building I found while driving, I came across renderings for the transformation of BRAC's East Tremont Avenue digs, which will turn it into something certainly more attention-getting.

[Bronx River Art Center, future | image source]

Designed by local firm Sage & Coombe Architects -- responsible for the renovation of the Noguchi Museum in Long Island City -- the exterior is a wrapping graphic of typography and angles. But clarity of the graphic is not as important as the overall effect (something cool is behind these walls!) and the way it stands out in its context. It doesn't hurt that an open lot sits next to the building, something unfortunately all too common in the Bronx. (Actually, it's the Bronx River.) BRAC will relocate to Mott Haven during construction, which is expected to be complete next year.

[Bronx River Art Center, future | image source]

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