The Northern Gate

The Northern Gate in Bat Yam, Israel by Team But, Yam

The following text is from CDMB architects' profile on for The Northern Gate by Team But, Yam (CDMB Architects, Tal Gur, Matan Israeli, Imad Jubrane, Sami Jubrane, Ziad Jubrane, Haim Kazas and Knockoutdesign), their 1st Prize entry in 72 Hour Urban Action, the "world's first real-time architecture competition."

We began this project three days ago without prior knowledge of the site, program and an allocated budget of $2500. We had a design after eight hours of intensive discussions. The frame was erected on site after thirty hours and we managed to finish two hours before our 72-hour deadline.

The Northern Gate is a new beacon at the north end of Ort Israel Street. Situated between two Synagogues, a busy street, a parking lot and a potential secret garden, it acts as a catalyst for transition and discovery.

The “Northern Gate” is:
a Beacon, an Edge, a Screen,
a Gate, a House, a Threshold.

It suggests:
Identity, Discovery, Passage, Pause,
Transition, Ceremony, Shadow, Light, and Peace.

The Northern Gate site provides much needed parking for local residents, while offering them a screen between their homes, gardens and cars. It protects their playing children from the busy street, while setting the stage for ceremony, discussion, peace and transition. It is a beacon of hope, a threshold into the dynamic neighborhood and business district of Bat-Yam.