Thursday, November 04, 2010

Somebody Doesn't Like Moneo's NW Corner Building

Researching Rafael Moneo's Northwest Corner Building this evening, I discovered WikiCU, "2,975 articles about Columbia…anyone can edit!" Its entry on the new building provides one or two helpful tidbits, though I was struck by the critiques captioning the images.

Top photo:
"Plan: a rendering of the Northwest Science Building looks sinister but contextual, blending the gray of the new structure with a grayed trim on Pupin to make it look as if it fits in well"
[screenshot of Northwest Corner Building entry at WikiCU, accessed Nov. 3, 2010]

Bottom photo:
"Reality: Moneo and what has metamorphosized into a bluish, glassy monstrosity both attempt to tower over poor, increasingly antiquarian Pupin"
I'd be tempted to edit the captions to something more wikipedia-esque, but I can't even figure out how to do that. Edit links are available for the text (visible in the screenshot above, to the left of the photo with Moneo) but not for the photos and captions.