Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Photography of Ezra Stoller

The Photography of Ezra Stoller: Iconic Images of Iconic Architecture

[© Ezra Stoller / Esto. Seagram Building, Location: New York NY, Architect: Mies van der Rohe with Philip Johnson]
When: 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM MONDAY, JANUARY 31
Where: At The Center
Mid-Century Modernism as seen through the master's lens
Four Case Studies: Seagram Building, TWA Terminal, The United Nations, The Guggenheim Museum
James Sanders
Kenneth Frampton, Assoc. AIA
John Morris Dixon, FAIA
Brook Mason
Erica Stoller

In conjunction with the retrospective of Ezra Stoller’s photography, currently on view at the Yossi Milo Gallery, the AIANY Historic Buildings Committee is pleased to present a forum that reviews these iconic images.
The program will review, through four case studies, important architectural masterpieces of the period and the images critical to their iconic stature within the public realm. While the buildings themselves are seminal works, the experience for many is via the two dimensional image rather than the architecture itself. The discussion will trace the complex relationship between the architect /architecture and its translation through the photographer’s message.

Columbia University professor, Kenneth Frampton, will discuss the work in the context of the modern movement, joined by John Morris Dixon, editor emeritus of Progressive Architecture who is contributing to an upcoming book on Ezra Stoller, along with Erica Stoller of ESTO. Brook Mason, New York correspondent for Britain's The Art Newspaper will discuss the relationship to evolving mass culture. James Sanders, architect, and author of the award-winning book, "Celluloid Skyline" will moderate.
The event is scheduled as follows:
6:00 pm Event opens at Tafel Hall with wine and cheese for participants and attendees.
6:30 pm Welcome comments regarding events at the Center and upcoming Committee events. Four case studies will be presented by James Sanders with discussion by the panelists.
7:35 pm Moderator and audience begin a question and answer period
8:00 pm Event ends, wine and cheese continue to be served.
Free for Members; $10.00 for Non-Members


  1. It's interesting. I'm an architectural photographer, but sometimes there's more to an image than it's quality. The historical context behind the image is often just as important. Great Post!

  2. interesting article .. in accordance with my studies .. thanks
    best regards

  3. Great image.

    Love Stoller and Shulman.

    The following architecture site has an interesting discussion of Stoller and the latest generation of architectural photographers --Iwan Baan, Fran van der Salm, etc-- that is developing something of a new style:

  4. Thanks for that link, Sean. Quite an interesting article, though it doesn't touch upon who the photographer is representing. I think the varying results arise from whether the architect or a publication hired the photographer, for example, or if the photos are considered art. I think Stoller clearly represents the architect; Baan bridges the two clients; and while I'm not certain on how Frank van der Salm works, the photos appear to be more gallery-based, without the need to present the buildings in their best light for the architect.


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