Sunday, February 13, 2011

Nice Library

While it looks more like a retail space than a residence, this library that is part of the Collector's Loft by UNStudio is nevertheless appealing. I think this is the case because it is a space devoted to books that is just off the main living space; the plan shows how the narrow space follows but peels off of the larger loft space. Living with a wall of books in the living room, their presence can often be overwhelming...physically and mentally. In this loft the living area is gallery-like with lots of art, and the library is like a parallel world that one does not have to look at all the time, but which is just as important to the owner.

[Collector's Loft by UNStudio, 2010 | photo by Iwan Baan]

(Spotted at Architizer/


  1. I listened to Caroline Bos last week when she visited Stockholm, Sweden. Among other projects, she talked about this flat. Very intresting!

  2. Have you noticed how many people browse wine stores as once they browsed libraries or book stores. Indeed a fantastic recent development in retail design has been the 'enoteca' - wine library.
    Complete with ladders to facilitate access to upper shelves - not for the intoxicated!


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