Thursday, February 03, 2011

Today's archidose #471

Here are a few photographs of The Shard rising in London, England by Renzo Piano Building Workshop. Photos are by Manuel.A.69.

Shard London

Shard London

Shard London

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  1. John, thank you for reminding us The Shard is almost done!
    I did an interview with a London philosopher about it just after looking at your post. Here is the start, and if you guys want to go on reading, the link.

    I Vertically Met Her

    A conversation about THE SHARD, London UK _Dr. Stephen Driver / Heike Haarmann

    HH: Stephen, you are a philosopher living in London, thinking about human beings – how they interact, how they talk or feel – when you look at that Shard in progress: What can you imagine? It is a global destination, a transport hub, a vertical city, an entire social ecosystem, designed for posterity, conceived in seconds… one can spend years in there!

    How do you imagine one switches from a business call to a drink, to a neighbour, to one’s daughter and into the spa in just an elevator ride? What happens in that one minute? Will this building generate a species that fast forwards into the next new scene of its day as many times as offered? Do you imagine life in The Shard as a fast cut movie?

    Kind regards
    mindbytes _BirkhauserDialogue CH

  2. Please receive my congratulations! Great blog with great pictures! I'm not an architect, nor a photographer but I would like to invite you to visit my blog with photos of buildings and monuments in Buenos Aires.

    Best regards, Andres

  3. This brings back memories of watching Ian Simpson's Beetham tower rise up slowly but surely to dominate Manchester's skyline. I'm still not sure what I think about The Shard but who am I to judge, architecture as an economic statement is nearly as old as architecture itself.

  4. how it has grown!
    I remember when a year ago the concrete core was in half and workers were involved in solding iron beames in the basement.


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