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Untitled, originally uploaded by picturenarrative.
Buildings D and E of the Absolute Condos, now under construction in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, by MAD. Many more photos can be found in picturenarrative's flickr set on the project.

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  1. I live 200 meters away from this project and can tell you that the pair are magnificent in real life. The photos can not even begin to do the project justice.

    Here is what they looked like from my 12th floor window about 6 months ago when construction was at about 45 floors on the building to the left .

    Just to give an idea of the imposing scale of these buildings, in this photo, the 3 buildings on the lower left of this photo, which are part of the project, are about 30 floors each and are still some the biggest buildings in Mississauga.

    - Steve

  2. I was just going to ask how they relate to the surrounding area, but Steve answered my question before I even asked. They are quite remarkable.

  3. I would love to see these when I'm back in Canada. For now, I will need to creep from my laptop.

  4. A person three hundred years into the future will wonder: "Why did it take us so long to leave behind right angles?!?"


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