Sunday, April 03, 2011

Today's archidose #486

Here are three views of The Wall shopping center in Utrecht, Netherlands by Verheijen Van Rifswijk Knappers De Haan (VVKH), 2009. Photos are by "our man in Amsterdam," Klaas5. For more architectural sound barriers, see my post from 2008.

utrecht winkelcentrum the wall 02 2010 vvhk (hertogswetering)

utrecht winkelcentrum the wall 07 2010 vvhk (hertogswetering)

utrecht winkelcentrum the wall 08 2010 vvhk (hertogswetering)

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  1. Or, your man in Utrecht, the Netherlands rather ;-)

  2. I figured that's inaccurate, but I couldn't resist using that line!

  3. I enjoy all the photos!
    Its Nice to see a lot of beautiful structures coming from a very boring (architecturally speaking) town.
    I am possible planning to go into Architecture but haven't made up my mind yet and seeing a lot of these pictures are very inspiring!



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