Thursday, April 14, 2011

Today's archidose #490

Here are a couple views of Renaissance Wagram Hotel in Paris, France by Atelier Christian de Portzamparc, 2009. Photos are by z.z.

Paris, Renaissance Wagram Hotel. Christian de Portzamparc

Paris, Renaissance Wagram Hotel. Christian de Portzamparc

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  1. This is wonderful! Is this postmodernism in architecture?

  2. @Žarko Aćimović So so. It mainly follow the lines of the buildings beside.

  3. I have some old books with engravings illustrating French hotels of the 19th century, they all have floor plans. The lack of plans accompanying current architecture is interesting. I did an online search, and I guess I can find it plans somewhere, but they are not readily evident. I guess it doesn't matter if a building works? Is the only requirement to have an interesting facade?
    I understand the extra work in obtaining plans etc. on the other hand I'm not sure how it is possible to understand the building any other way.


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