Tuesday, Tuesday

My weekly page update:

This week's dose features Rajel Mikveh in Mexico City, Mexico by Pascal Arquitectos:
this       week's  dose

The featured past dose is Meditation House in Mexico City, Mexico by Pascal Arquitectos:
featured      past   dose

This week's book review is The Invention of Brownstone Brooklyn: Gentrification and the Search for Authenticity in Postwar New York by Suleiman Osman:
this week's book    review

american-architects.com Building of the Week:

Grey Group Roof Deck in New York, NY by SOM:
this week's Building of the Week

Some unrelated links for your enjoyment:
Plan of the City
"A new animated film, conceived and directed by Joshua Frankel, about the architecture of New York City blasting off into outer space and resettling on Mars."

Landmark "Old" Prentice Hospital
Sign the petition to save Bertrand Goldberg's "modern masterpiece."

Brusselssprout #3
"Dubai Graphic Encyclopedia."

Blue Award 2012
"International Student Competition for Sustainable Architecture," kicking off today in Vienna.

Rethinking Mallorca's Seafront
"Ideas competition for students. Special registration period is now open."