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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Omonia in Astoria

The other day I received a press release for the interior design of a cafe in my neighborhood, Omonia Bakery in Astoria, Queens. The space, a next-door addition to the corner cafe, is designed by New York City-based bluarch. The bakery features a glass counter behind which are the pastries, a glass-walled kitchen, and a rear yard with tables and chairs and built-in stadium seating.

[photos courtesy bluarch]

bluarch describes the design:
The main  feature of the 1,000SF interior space is a fluid surface [clad with 1/4" chocolate  brown Bisazza tiles] which covers the ceiling and the side walls to different  heights. This surface warps in bubbles and negotiates a system of 6-inch tubular  incandescent light bulbs… and an arrangement of red cedar wood spheres. The epoxy flooring continues to the walls via filleted corners. A shelf  and LED strips navigate the transition with the chocolate  surface.

Being located near my apartment, this is a place I'm familiar with. My daughter is a big fan of the muffins and the seating in the back, which is wrapped by faux ivy on the walls. In a neighborhood where many attempts at doing something special to dining spaces falls flat -- most utilizing expensive stone, chrome, and other materials in clumsy ways -- this design is elegant yet also fun.


Its completion, and the cafe's expansion, coincides with a number of hip places opening in Astoria, places that go beyond the traditional Greek establishments. These include Pachanga Patterson, Queens Kickshaw, and Queens Comfort, as well as older places like Bare Burger, Sweet Afton, and Il Bambino, among others. They point to a changing demographic in the area, one that expects more varied foods and more interesting decor. Omonia is rooted in Astoria's traditional Greek cuisine, but is rolling with the times with this small bakery space.


  1. That is a lot of chocolate brown. Wow.
    I guess it works, since it's a bakery, but i'm still a little bit overwhelmed.

  2. very fashion!

  3. woah!!! haha that is such a cool looking ceiling,

    thanks for sharing man (:

    from, Comedy Sketch guys :D

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