On Vacation

Postings will be slim for a couple weeks as our family finally takes the plunge into Walt Disney World. I've held out 30-odd years, but with a preschooler it's hard to resist the pull. As well, my weekly page will be on summer hiatus until July 5th.

The above photo is in reference to Michael Sorkin's essay "See You in Disneyland" in Variations on a Theme Park (Hill and Wang, 1992). Sorkin describes his photo of a sky above Disneyland as a "substitute for an image of the place itself...the first copyrighted urban environment in history...[since] the Walt Disney Company will permit no photograph of its property without prior approval of its use."


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  2. I've heard Disneyland described as "The Happiest Place on Earth". It's not where i'm happiest, but it's hard to think of a place where people ARE happiest. Sometimes i like to throw the question of where that might be at people to see what sort of answers i get.

  3. I ended up there 3 itmes while my daughtr was growing and i have to admit. I had a fabulous time! I think i had more fun than she did. it is a beautiful place! dont miss the Haunted Castle and Spce Mountain will take your breathe away!(too wild for young ones though) have fun!!!

  4. have a nice holiday!


  5. Great post. Disney land is the best. Such good memories from there. Do they have epoxy flooring?


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