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Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Today's archidose #504

Here are a few photos of Ironbank in Auckland, New Zealand by RTA Studio, the winner of a 2010 New Zealand Architect Award. Photographs are by Phillip Wong.

Looking Out Over the Rust Red Skyline - Ironbank

Rust and Glass - Ironbank

Looking Up Through the Crevice - Ironbank

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  1. I appreciate that you link to the architect's as well as the photographer's web page. These shots were so surprising that i had to investigate further.
    It's quite a deceptive building, really. It seems so tall in these shots, but in a few others it barely creeps into view from the street behind a row of businesses.

    I'm just building a new architecture blog over at, but i thought i'd comment to say i've put archidose in my short list of links.


  2. It was a pleasant surprise to see my images posted here. Thanks very much John, am glad I was able to capture something interesting.

    Templar - you are correct, the building is not a skyscraper by any means. It's about 6 or 7 stories high and when viewed behind a foreground of buildings which are themselves about 2 or 3 stories, it doesn't seem like it can be all that big. When I was there walking around, however, it felt much much bigger. The layout of the building is made up of several towers of "boxes" connected together on a reasonably sized footprint. It all adds to make it feel quite substantial which is what I wanted to portray in my images.

    If you want to read the commentary attached to these images, you can read it here at it's posting on my site.

    Thanks for looking,

  3. Phillip - I tried to look at your post before adding to the photos here, but I got a "server under maintenance" message. Same thing today...

  4. John - thanks for the heads up. That's a bit annoying, hopefully the problem will be fixed and the server back up again soon.

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