Welcome to the Blogosphere

The covers story for today's CBS Sunday Morning is "Welcome to the blogosphere," on the growing influence of blogs and some of the few bloggers that are making lots of money from them. About 85 seconds into the piece, during the quote "Blogs cover everything you can think of, from Architecture ... to Zombies," a screenshot of my blog hits the screen. Wow! My one second of fame! Click the link above or image below to the watch the video.

(Thanks to Margo for the heads up! Usually I watch CBS Sunday Morning, but today the little one decided to let her parents sleep in, so I missed it.)


  1. Congrats, John! As a student of architecture I read and reference your blog and appreciate all that you share. Thanks for maintaining such a successful site!

  2. But John, I've been a fan of yours and Archidose for years. You've earned your one second!

  3. Hi John, have recently come in contact with your site, and i think your content rocks! Regards.


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