66 Most Popular Architecture Websites

The other day I was wondering if ArchDaily updated its YAMoPo -- Yet Another Most Popular Site Ranking -- of architecture websites. Well, apparently the last one was in 2009 (the same year as Eikongraphia's last MoPo ranking of architecture blogs), and since things have changed a good deal in these short two years I figured it was time somebody did a new ranking.

Like ArchDaily, the rankings are based on Alexa, so I could use one resource for compiling the below list of 66 English-language websites*. The rankings are based on Alexa's Global Traffic Rank for July 11, 2011; their rank is a measure of a site's popularity over the past three months based on the combination of visitors and pageviews**. A more thorough ranking may have taken other things into account (Facebook fans, Twitter followers, RSS subscribers, etc.), but I'll leave that to somebody else willing to spend the time and effort on such a list.

A website was considered for inclusion if architecture is either its main focus or one of its major subject areas; this is not meant to be an exclusive list, but one that acknowledges the presence of cross-disciplinary writing and browsing online. Therefore design sites are found alongside architecture sites. The websites are categorized and presented below in a sortable list; just click on the black-bar heading to sort alphabetically by website or type. The types are defined as follows:
Blog - Architecture: Weblog or eZine authored by one or more people focused exclusively on architecture.
Blog - Design: Weblog or eZine authored by one or more people that looks at design in general, featuring architecture among other disciplines.
Competitions: Listings of architecture competitions and related topics.Database: Fairly exhaustive listing of buildings.
Forum: An internet message board where registered users can post comments in subject threads.
Organization: The homepage of an organization related to architecture.
Profiles: Listing of architect and related profiles.
Publication: Online website of a print publication.
Social Networking: Social media platforms featuring user-generated content.

*66 because that is where this blog lands, and that number also happens to double that of my sidebar list of 33 favorites, which this list will supplant shortly.

** For reference the #1 site above is ranked 1,550 at Alexa (Google is first of all websites), while my blog, #66 is ranked 251,360.


  1. When you do your sidebar, consider Jody Brown's Coffee With An Architect. It's a wonderful blog. I'm not associated with him; I just love his blog is all.

  2. So you do not consider these to be the best Architecture websites I assume? And if that is the case why supplant your 33 with these 66 churned out through Alexa. Since we know Architecture is a subjective profession why not just give us your Top 66 based on your own criteria? Just a thought.

  3. I'm not an architect but I love architecture. Do love your site though. :-)

  4. I'm still not decided on how I'll manage the sidebar. I'm thinking of keeping and revising the 33 favorites and adding this list of 66 most popular. The rest of the sidebar can be daunting, so it's good to have more manageable lists. Also revising the 33 favorites, so they are my favorites that ARE NOT on the list of 66, will help bring traffic to sites that aren't getting it already. That's a thought.

  5. I just realized tumblr blogs aren't represented on the site. One that should be on there is Unhappy Hipsters. This begs the question: if and how to revise the list. Stay tuned.

  6. I really like DailyArchitecture.com

    It is how I found this site and it often features many of the others in the list above.

  7. I didn't even make the #66 things must be getting difficult out there. More blogging less teaching/practicing

  8. Where is my favorite blog which I found through you? Sit Down Man, You're a Bloody Tragedy? Owen Hatherly is cutting quite the swath through architecture criticism in the UK!

  9. Unfortunately good or favorite does not equal popular. Nevertheless you can find Owen's blog in my "33 favorites" list on the sidebar below the "66 most popular" list.

  10. Enjoyed looking these websites, much to be learnt for my own Architectural Website.

  11. They are all great but Arquine is definetly missing http://www.arquine.com/

  12. What about www.inbuilding.org?? Its an online community for architects that has got lots of interesting stuff on it.

  13. You missed archimatects


  14. You missed http://archistudent.net
    Its a resource site for architecture and design students.


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