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Friday, July 15, 2011

Burble Rendering Bup Reality

I've yet to head over to Governor's Island this summer to see the 2011 City of Dreams Pavilion: Burble Bup designed by Bittertang in a competition earlier this year, but comparing the rendering:

[image source] the reality:

[image source]

...umm, I might have to pass on this one. I can't say I was impressed by the design when it was unveiled as the winner, but do like the idea of a weird object rising seamlessly from the earth, only to return to it after the period of the installation, used in landscaping projects elsewhere on the island. But in reality it looks like the Bups -- the inflatable components capping the space -- lack the color and alien presence of the rendering. And the Burble -- soil- and bark-filled fabric tubes that make up the mounds -- just sits on the grass, sausage-like, without burying itself into the surrounding soil. If the installation were permanent, allowed to meld itself into the grass, it might come close to the rendering. But alas, Burble Bup will be on display only until mid-September.

Yet, another photo of the installation, probably taken later than the one above, shows more color in the Bups and some integration of the Burble with the grass -- owing to the difficulty in mowing so close to it, no doubt. Maybe I'll have to visit after all, to see for myself how well rendering has become reality.


  1. You have noticed that the original render is a goatse?

  2. It appears that the integration with the soil is really neglected compared to the rendering. Which is a pity, for a few euros they could have bought some dirt and grass mats to establish the illusion.

  3. I don't know what the budget was for this project but they should get their money back

  4. I had to look up "goatse." I regret doing so; unfortunately, it is a completely accurate description.


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