Architecture and Design Book Club

Pardon the short notice, but I just today learned about this event (via the Van Alen Institute's Facebook page) happening tomorrow evening. Sounds great to me, and I look forward to hearing what books will be discussed in the future.

First Architecture and Design Book Club, with Alexandra Lange
Superscript invites you to the first meeting of a new Architecture and Design Book Club, with our special guest architecture critic Alexandra Lange.

Join Superscript and architecture critic Alexandra Lange as we discuss the first selection of the Architecture and Design Book Club, William Whyte’s The Social Life of Small Urban Spaces. A seminal study of architecture and urban design, Whyte’s book offered New Yorkers and urban citizens everywhere new tools for looking at public space. His conclusions laid the foundation for legislation that turned this new understanding into common practice.

Superscript will be hosting the first edition of ADBC in a public venue fittingly celebratory of Whyte’s findings—The High Line. We invite you to just drop by—we will have portions of the text for you to refer to—and see today’s cityscape through Whyte’s eyes.

Guest: Alexandra Lange

Text: William Whyte, The Social Life of Small Urban Spaces
(we will provide photocopies of selections from the text)

Venue: 23rd Street Lawn, The High Line, Section Two

Date: Thursday, August 18, 2011

6:30pm Introduction
6:45-7:45pm Discussion, Q&A