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Friday, August 05, 2011

Today's archidose #515

Here is a brief tour of some 21st-century architecture in France's Lorraine region, as photographed by Alexandre Prévot.

Les Jardins de Nabécor I
[Les Jardins de Nabécor I in Nancy by Jean-Luc André, Olivier Bourbon, Francis Moulet (2008)]

Le Carré Nature
[Le Carré Nature in Nancy by Jean-Baptiste Piétri (2008)]

Hôpital Central - Stérilisation Centrale
[Hôpital Central - Stérilisation Centrale in Nancy by IN FINE Architectes (2011)]

Centre National de la Fonction Publique Territoriale
[Centre National de la Fonction Publique Territoriale in Nancy by Lucien Colin, Dominique Henriet (2010)]

Résidences Plein Soleil
[Résidences Plein Soleil in Villers by Christian Zomeno (2009)]

Médiathèque Jules Verne
[Médiathèque Jules Verne in Vandœuvre-lès-Nancy by Pascale Seurin (2000)]

Les terrasses des Bateliers
[Les Terrasses des Bateliers in Nancy by Bertrand de Mijolla, Jean-Christophe Monjardet (2008)]

Résidence Rive Gauche
[Résidence Rive Gauche in Nancy by Jean-Luc André, Olivier Bourbon, Francis Moulet (2007)]

Maison du Département
[Maison du Département in Lunéville by Alain Casari, Thierry Mercier (2009)]

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  1. Very latest information in this writing along with awesome designs of styles and structures.

  2. Except for the first pic in the series (the Les Jardins de Nabecor), which appears interesting, all others look like drab factory produced buildings with very little in terms of a response to the local and surrounding context, or even to their own purpose. I really think that French architecture and design has a lot more to offer than this.

  3. It would be interesting to see these in their context, to see how they work in terms of urban design. While their designs may not excel as standalone buildings, it seems like they fit well in the city, such as fronting a canal. Photographed as individual buildings out of context, they don't hold up to much better French architecture. Nevertheless, good or bad, these give an idea of what is going on in that corner of France.


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