Carving Manhattan

As seen in The Architect's Newspaper, Yutaka Sone's carved marble model of Manhattan on display at David Zwirner gallery in Chelsea...:

[Marble model of Manhattan by Yutaka Sone | image source] reminiscent of John Stoney's "Cross Section of the North American Continental Plate" from 2006 (I saw it exhibited at Caren Golden Fine Art in 2007), made from a 1-inch thick plank of pine above a 5-foot-tall base of polymerized gypsum:

[Cross Section of the North American Continental Plate (2000-06) by John Stoney | image source]

Sone's marble model is about twice as long in plan as Stoney's wood model (approx. 21 x 104 x 33" versus 21 x 65 x 67"), but each artist chose carving as their means of expressing the same subject. Besides the unique appearance of each sculpture, owing to the different materials, the biggest difference might be the respective absence and presence of the Twin Towers in Sone and Stoney's impressive accomplishments.