Firm Faces #17

'Tis the season for returning to school and therefore the DOE Solar Decathlon, coming after a summer of die-hard construction. This year's event (the Decathlon is held every two years) is located at the National Mall’s West Potomac Park, after a snafu earlier this year resulted in it being moved from its position between the Capitol and the Washington Monument. For those who can't make it to Washington, DC between Friday and October 2nd to see the student-built solar houses on display, the DOE's website has a decent roundup of the international teams. Included in each school's project description is a team photo, hence this post being lumped into my Firm Faces series. Since I'm a person like any, biased by his past, here I'm featuring the City College of New York team, whose entry is called Solar Roofpod:

[City College of New York DOE Solar Decathlon Team | image source]

I must admit it's an interesting way of presenting the students and teachers, not groundbreaking but one that relates to their home and the long-term goal of their entry, which envisions the solar house as a potential residence on rooftops throughout New York City. Teams also created short video walk-throughs, so here as well is CCNY: