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While it's not hitting store/online shelves until December 5th, a couple days ago I picked up an advance copy of my book -- Guide to Contemporary New York City Architecture -- from the publisher, W. W. Norton. Excited doesn't even begin to describe how I feel! Below is a sneak peek of the book. Soon I'll have a contest/giveaway for free copies of the book, so be sure to check back here for that.

[The Austrian Cultural Forum New York graces the cover.]

[An overall map keys the 22 chapters across all five boroughs.]

[Each borough is introduced with a full-page photo and is further broken down into neighborhoods that feature dictionary-like numbering for easy browsing.]

[Each neighborhood chapter starts with a full-page map and a description of the neighborhood.]

[The main entries range from a half-page to two pages, most being one page; they all include photo(s), description, subway directions, and of course the name of the building and architect(s).]

[A number of sidebars feature additional projects geared around various typologies or themes; this spread is focused on learning spaces, with a library, public school, private school, day care, and school library.]

[The last chapter presents projects that will shape New York City this second decade of the 21st century, from the World Trade Center site to Fresh Kills Park and many more.]

Update: I should probably give a shout out to the folks at Modern Good for the great design and layout of the book. A lot of what you see above is the result of their creativity and hard work.


  1. it looks great. much congrats and hope it sells well.. will pass the word around to anyone i know who'll be visiting NY.

  2. Looks like it's not as tall in person. (as opposed to the image in your left sidebar.) Is this just the angle? Or a trick a la M. Bloomberg such as stilt shoes or standing on a box?

    Regardless, I would much rather carry this book around in my pocket than carry around Bloomberg.

  3. Thanks or spreading the word sneha!

    eBohn - I take pride in calling this blog "trick free." The added girth, if you will, must be from both the way the book is turned at an angle and from looking down at it at angle, foreshortening the cover. It might also be from the binding now coming into play. Whatever the case may be, it is definitely smaller than a three-term mayor and is therefore quite portable.

  4. Congratulations! Looking forward to picking up a copy.

    On a side note, I noticed on your web site a pre-order box to several online book retailers. While I certainly understand the lure of ordering from a discount retailer like Amazon or the like, supporting local bookstores, whenever possible, is always a good thing.

    I have a hunch that you may share a similar outlook based on your previous post:

    Again congrats on the book. Well done!

  5. invisible - Yes, I certainly prefer buying from local bookstores. I would hope most people do, especially if those stores can offer a discount that brings the price at least closer to online sellers. I'm also not sure if bookstores will pre-order in the same manner as places like Amazon; I'm guessing they can, but people may not think to place such an order.

    Regardless, a couple upcoming events around the time of the book's release will appropriately take place at local, independent bookstores. Look out for details on those in a few weeks.

  6. This looks really really nice.


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