Sunday, October 16, 2011

Archidose, Tour Guide

Earlier today I added another title to my growing list (architect, blogger, author, adjunct professor) of vocations swirling around my interest in architecture: tour guide. As part of this year's OHNY I led a tour with about 30 folks from Van Alen Books near Madison Square Park down to Union Square, winding our way by Gramercy Park, down 2nd Avenue, and along 13th Street. Being my first tour I was a bit nervous, but overall I think it went well, enough that I'd like to do it again. So stay tuned for information on future tours, be it this one or other parts of Manhattan and hopefully the Bronx, Brooklyn, and Queens. In the meantime below is the flyer I handed out as part of the tour, tracing the route on a couple maps copied almost verbatim from my book.

[Click on image for 2mb PDF at 11x17" paper size]


  1. Can I get a copy of this for my Rock Star Poster wall?

  2. It was a lovely tour! Some fascinating new architecture in unexpected places - you did great, and we couldn't tell that you were nervous. Everyone we talked to on the tour was having a good time, so congrats on adding yet another thing to your job description!

  3. Thanks, Jennifer. My nerves subsided pretty quickly. 'Twas a good group, and there's something to be said for walking around the city talking about being a tourist at home!


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