Book Review: DASH

DASH - Delft Architectural Studies on Housing edited by Lara Schrijver, Elain Harwood, Dirk van den Heuvel, Pierijn van der Putt, Dick van Gameren, Christopher Woodward
NAi Publishers, in association with Delft University of Technology

The Architect's Newspaper just published my review of DASH in their October 19 East Coast Edition. The review looks at the periodical in general but focuses on the fifth and most recent issue, The Urban Enclave. The beginning of the review is below, but for the rest head over to Archpaper.

In the introduction to the inaugural issue of the journal DASH – Delft Architectural Studies on Housing, the editors assert that “the Netherlands has built up a housing tradition that is renowned throughout the world.” I would definitely agree with this statement, having worked on multi-family residential projects spanning from the American Midwest to Asia where modern and contemporary Dutch precedents were mined for inspiration. Yet the editors further contend in the first issue that repetition of tried solutions has become the norm, leading to “stagnation in the development of Dutch residential architecture.” DASH can therefore be seen as a call for a reinvestigation of the typology and for a consideration of overlooked issues, “such as those related to density, privacy, and mobility.”

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