Let's Go Bowling

Michelangelo is oft quoted as saying, "Every block of stone has a statue inside it, and it is the task of the sculptor to discover it." A contemporary version of this statement, applied to artist Eddy Sykes, would revise the first part to say, "Every bowling ball has an architecture book inside it..."

[S,M,L,XL | image courtesy the artist]

Eddy Skyes' Trophy Series: book as object is described as:
"An ongoing series of sculptures exploring the notions of trophy and information, Trophy appropriates the Brunswick 'Black Beauty' bowling ball. Each ball is meticulously hand carved into the seminal architectural 'Big game' trophy, i.e., the 'super books' of Mau, Koolhaus, Corbu etc."


  1. http://areyoutherefrankgehry.wordpress.com/

    Great blog if you are an architect

  2. is a fantastic work ... I love it .. success and thanks!

  3. I know how you love your bowling John. I now know what to get you for Christmas

  4. Looking forward to it, Mr. Kuhl. ; )
    I wonder how much more these cost than the ball or the book...


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