Friday, April 06, 2012

April 9th is CLOG Day

Monday, April 9th involves two CLOG-related things:


Young Journals Symposium
7pm in the Rose Auditorium
The Cooper Union, 41 Cooper Square
Free and open the public
"This roundtable, moderated by Log editor and founder Cynthia Davidson, will focus on young architecture journals in the NYC-area by bringing together the editors of CLOG, the editors of Another Pamphlet and a mix of founding and current editors of Pidgin to both situate each publication in a recent historical context, and to discuss the reasons for and practicalities of starting up and running architectural journals in New York today."

Submissions for CLOG:Renderings
Due April 9, 2012
"As information is distributed and consumed at an increasingly rapid pace, one of the most effective (or at least pervasive) ways to communicate architectural ideas is through renderings. Typically a perspectival image that can be understood without any knowledge of architectural drawing conventions, the rendering derives power from its accessibility to a wide audience-hence its crucial role in design competitions, client presentations, press releases, and other such public forums.

While these architectural visualizations are certainly nothing new, advances in software and hardware have enabled renderings to be made faster and more realistic than ever before. This presents both an opportunity and a challenge. On the one hand, design concepts can now be tested and conveyed with an unprecedented degree of visual accuracy. Conversely, whether through omission, extreme dramatization, or even intentional fakery, architects now have the ability to realistically depict the impossible. Furthermore, both clients and public are beginning to expect photorealistic imagery even at the earliest stages of a project, when supposed 'realism' can oftentimes belie the fundamentally speculative nature of design. Given the importance of these images in mediating between architects and the people they ultimately serve, CLOG will critically assess the state of renderings today."