Sunday, April 08, 2012

Metal Shutters Open

Yesterday I also prepared my next walking tour in the High Line/Chelsea area. I got my first glimpse of Shigeru Ban's Metal Shutter Houses with both the shutters and inside glass wall open. The scale is impressive next to the more traditional (in the modern sense) single-story floors of the apartment building by Annabelle Selldorf next door.

Metal Shutter Houses


  1. The shutters are a great idea. The shutters have much more character than a typical storefront security shutter. I hope this design will influence the typical (cornell, etc.) shutters that we interact with at street level, when shops are closed.

    It would be nice if Ban uses an uplighting graze effect for the shutters.

  2. It definitely will have great impact to those of typical it.

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  3. These kind of Rolling Shutters can be customized according to the look of the building and also provides better security to the buildeing.


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