Tuesday, April 24, 2012

World-Architects eMagazine

Yesterday saw the launch of a new eMagazine on World-Architects.com, something I've been working on for a while now and for which I serve as Editor-in-Chief. The eMagazine is sent out as a newsletter every two weeks -- alternating with the existing W-A Newsletter -- with an online version appearing simultaneously. The new eMagazine builds upon existing magazines for the Swiss and German platforms, but the World eMagazine is all in English, covering international topics.

Here is a snapshot of the first issue online; below the image is more information on the eMagazine and its parts.


The six parts of the eMagazine, keyed above, are as follows:
1 - Insight: A long feature, which includes interviews with clients, visits to architecture offices, and discussions with academics, curators, and other voices. The first Insight is an interview with Director Andreas Stadler on the 10th anniversary of the Austrian Cultural Forum's completion, the 20th anniversary of Raimund Abraham winning the design competition.
2 - Found: A short piece that focuses on a visual that struck our fancy.
3 - Headlines: Three bits of news from the previous week or two.
4 - Building: A Building of the Week feature from one of the national platforms. This week we feature a building in Claremont, California by LTL Architects.
5 - Film: A short clip related to architecture, but not always directly about a building or architect. The first once focuses on twin brothers Ryan and Trevor Oakes's attempts at creating a drawing machine.
6 - Product: A spotlight on a product and its application. For the first one we feature MDT-tex's Telescopic Umbrella in Topotek1's bright-red plaza in Berlin-Köpenick.
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