Tuesday, June 05, 2012

66 Most Popular, 2012

It's been eleven months since I took a stab at ranking architecture and design blogs using Alexa, subsequently adding the 66 Most Popular Websites to my left sidebar. It seems like time for an update, so here is the 2012 ranking, with the 2011 besides it for comparison.

Per my list last year, "A website was considered for inclusion if architecture is either its main focus or one of its major subject areas; this is not meant to be an exclusive list, but one that acknowledges the presence of cross-disciplinary writing and browsing online. Therefore design sites are found alongside architecture sites." Changes from last year see a number of architecture sites falling off the list (BLDGBLOG, CoolBoom, World Architecture Community, and pushpullbar, to name a few) and design blogs added to fill the void; those in bold are new to the list. Needless to say, like last year, the most popular websites tend to be focused on the interior design spectrum, though the top spot is still Skyscraper City, a popular forum and ranking of tall buildings.

[Charts by archidose]

In case you're wondering, A Daily Dose of Architecture is #67.