Via Verde in Context

On Tuesday I attended a press tour of the Via Verde development in the Bronx, designed by Grimshaw and Dattner Architects. The project is getting plenty of coverage, and I will feature the building on my weekly page soon, but in the meantime I wanted to post some of my photos showing the building in its physical context, since most of the professional photography on the project (such as this Domus review) isolates the building from its surroundings. I'll be adding more photos to my flickr set from the visit soon.

For reference the building is located at 700 Brook Avenue, just north of the baseball diamond visible in this aerial.

Via Verde
[The approach from the south along Bergen Avenue - Street View]

Via Verde
[Looking north from the corner of East 153rd Street and 53rd Avenue - Street View]
Via Verde
[Looking east from East 155th Street and Elton Avenue - Street View]
Via Verde
[Looking south from East 156th Street across the parking lot serving the neighboring NYCHA development - Street View]


  1. I just love the construction of those buildings. I bet those architecture are just common there. I haven't seen same structure in here.

  2. Those random panels of color scattered about on an otherwise unremarkabe building look alot like the Prestwick Academy, reviewed here on the blog Bad British Architecture:

    1. I'd hardly agree that the building is unremarkable. I won't go into any details here, but I will be writing about the building on my weekly page next week.


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