From Oil to Bread

Three years ago I posted about ODA-Architecture's conversion of a Long Island City, Queens, service station into a bakery. Here's the before and envisioned after:


Recently the New York Times ran a story about "a clean new life for grimy gas stations," including the Breadbox Bakery by ODA, which is now complete. Oil changes have given way to baked goods, but the gas station next door is still in business. (Per the Times story, the owner eventually wants to develop a larger project on the site, which would be above the bakery and replace the gas station.) Here are a few photos by Frank Oudeman of the converted service station located on 11th Street, a couple blocks from MoMA PS1:




Yes, those are rolling pins on the outer, screen-like facade.

(Photos courtesy of ODA-Architecture)


  1. Bakers rolling pins, what a novel rain screen! ;)

  2. love the use of rolling pins for a bakery. We worked on a fitness facility with free-weights as door pulls!

  3. It looks amazing but, What about maintenance in the long run???

  4. This is a great idea to be unique and stand out from the rest of the boring gas stations.


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