Today's archidose #600

Here are day and night photos of The Shard in London, England by Renzo Piano Building Workshop (2012). Photographs are by ffotografica.

Shard from Park Plaza Hotel

Shard at Night

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  1. the architects watched too much science fiction! really horrible! it reminds me of blade runner or some dystopian novel. it's the concept of the future that western world had during the 80's. it's somehow industrial. in 2012 an important building like this should be esthetically more refined. we're not in the cold war anymore. and besides that, the skyscraper has no relationship with the buildings around it. it seems like an alien ship had landed on london.

  2. I really expected much better design by piano.

  3. Im lovin it! The higher you get, the lesser people you will find because the tower gets slimmer near the top. That makes the upper levels extraspecial!


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