Reversible Destiny Website

Ever since discovering the work of Arakawa + Gins in the mid-1990s, I've been fascinated -- if not always fully understanding of -- the duo's work. Their mantra of "WE HAVE DECIDED NOT TO DIE" is nonsensical at first, but underlying it are very intriguing ideas about movement and how our environments shape our lives. Equally intriguing is the newly relaunched Reversible Destiny website, designed by Brooklyn's Tronvig Group. The gravity-defying movement that Madeline Gins and the late Shusaku Arakawa translated into installations and environments comes across in the tumbling website. Upon visiting, be sure to drag the words and images around.

[ screenshot]

As IT News reports it, via a press release:
An ever-shifting kaleidoscopic display conveys in one fell swoop to a visitor that enters here all the content this rambunctious website contains. Clicked on, moved around and sorted through by a visitor, words and images jostle plus slosh about on the screen.