Morpholio Trace

Yesterday The Morpholio Project released the app Trace, "an evolution of design process, enabling the development of ideas, free thinking and communication amongst a global community of designers and creators."

This morning I played around with the app briefly, importing a photo and "tracing" over it with black and red lines, adding sheet after sheet, just like a real roll of tracing paper (nothing worth posting here, believe me). Basically Trace is a drawing tool, along the lines of the gazillion others on iTunes, but one that is synced up with Morpholio, therefore allowing people to import their portfolio and mark it up. Sketches can then be saved, emailed or shared again via the Morpholio app. I'll admit that I've browsed Morpholio, but I've yet to upload anything to it, so therefore I'm missing out on realizing the full potential of Trace. Nevertheless it's clear that Trace benefits from being straightforward (everything is up top in a retractable menu), simple (two colors—black and red—and three lined widths), and familiar (yellow just like trace paper, but with adjustable opacity) without being too sentimental, like Apple's wood-grain bookshelf. The app is free, though various grid underlays do cost $0.99.

Overall the app is a good idea with a very good execution, though it's probably best they didn't call it Bumwad.


  1. For a $1 its a good deal, but if you want quality sketching, you might as well get Sketchbook Pro for iPad or Android device for $1.99 you. Able to refine sketches in the Pro PC version, so its better bang for the buck. Morpholio is a nice idea, but poorly worked out.


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