Saturday, October 06, 2012

"I Love Architecture"

Architectural Record Innovation Conference 2012

On Thursday I attended the 2012 Innovation Conference, organized by Architectural Record and held appropriately in the McGraw-Hill Auditorium in Midtown Manhattan. After a string of panels that focused on various strands of innovation—research and development, technological tools, design vanguards, supertall buildings—Francis Kéré gave a keynote that was easily the highlight of the day, only partly because his low-tech means of realizing buildings in his native Burkina Faso and other places was in sharp contrast to the goings-on the rest of the day. Kéré was also very personable, humble, honest, and passionate, as the title of this blog post—the first words of his talk—clearly attests. Visit Architectural Record's video page to watch his talk in its entirety.

Architectural Record Innovation Conference 2012

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  1. I used to love architecture but I see the new dean of Arch. at IIT is correctly calling for a rethink on design philosophy as the starcretects excess' have no rational basis for existence (my interpretation) and hence I now hate architecture. I see mat building and the approach of the Berlin Free University as the new paradigm. Any objections.


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