Sunday, October 07, 2012

Mystery House

On one occasion during my recent trip to Switzerland and Italy, I found myself without my camera. So coming across a contemporary concrete house in the middle of the small village of Agra, Collina d'Oro (CH), I had no choice but to snap a few photos with the camera on my old-school (not smart) phone.


If the house were not located in its setting I may not have payed much attention to it—that's probably why I had left my camera in the car. But it's so different than the old buildings around it, both in terms of style and in how the house addresses the street; instead of meeting the street it is set back from it beyond a stone wall and lawn.


So does anybody know the story behind this house, who designed it, who might live there? For reference, it's the construction site smack in the middle of this Google Maps aerial.


Update 10.09: Thanks to Hans for emailing me the name of the architects: Giraudi Wettstein (click link for project page on their website).