Today's archidose #635

Here are a few photos of Condominio P in Cagliari, Italy, by C+C04 Studio (2009). Photographs are by Simone Utzeri.

the alphabet container 2

the alphabet container

the container perspective

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  1. Firstly, I love container style architecture. Don't know why but I do, I think it has something to do with its simplicity and the flexibility it can still provide in form despite being a relatively regular style system. Some interesting examples of such architecture can be found throughout Amsterdam where they are taking to it with passion due to the heavy water connection.

    What troubles me with the Condominio P scheme above is the seemingly lack of street and overbearing presence of the road. Surely as homes some form of street interaction other than a large domineering facade fronting the street would be desirable?

    Other than that what I do seem more and more drawn to in schemes is the use of text in the facades and how this can really draw your eye when looking at a glance. If this can be used creatively in a scheme it can really bring something to it and create a nice aesthetic.


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