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Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Look Like an Architect with Superfocus

While waiting for my bagel this morning, the TV behind the cash register had a commercial for Superfocus, in which Joel Grey, Penn Jillette, and others were hawking glasses that resemble what architects were wearing half a century ago. Lo and behold, the Icon Collection Frames go by the names Bauhuas and Corbu. Some screenshots and descriptions from their website.

Named Bauhaus in appreciation of the iconic movement created by design master Walter Gropius in Weimar in the 1920s.

The Bauhaus has been a profound worldwide influence in art, architecture, graphic design, and last but not least, product design.

We believe that Dr. Gropius would have approved of the sleek, utilitarian look of these Superfocus glasses.

We proudly call this style Corbu. Named after Le Corbusier, one of the great pioneers of modern architecture, whose signature look was his famous, round, dark-rimmed glasses, with the temples centered on the circular rims. Look familiar?
It looks the only difference between the two frames (besides the optional finishes) is the where the arm connects to the rim. So if you pick up one of these "superframes," don't be surprised if people mistake you for Gropius when you're wearing Corbu, or vice versa.

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