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Friday, March 08, 2013

More Architectural Album Covers

Architizer has compiled a list of 20 Architectural Album Covers, but they left out a few albums that are actually inspired by architecture, albums that exist because of buildings. The short-lived Architettura series from Caipirinha Records featured electronic artists doing experimental music based on specific buildings. I have Tower of Winds, and actually wrote about it back in 2001. I wrote: "Savvas and Taylor developed a production technique that accepts environmental inputs (sans keyboards and other devices) much the same way the tower reinterprets the sounds of the city." Below are it and the other three albums in the series, linked to All Music Guide for more information.

Tower of Winds (1998), Savvas Ysatis and Taylor Deupree:

Waterloo Terminal (1998), Tetsu:

Museum of Fruit (1999), David Toop:

Brasilia (2000), Panacea:


  1. You should check out the cover for CFCF - Exercises EP. It's also a pretty good record.

    1. atak - Yes, that was one of the covers in Architizer's post. I haven't heard it, but the band has some good taste in architecture!


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