Friday, April 05, 2013

Kew Breaking Ground

I'm glad to have just learned that a groundbreaking ceremony for the Kew Garden Hills Library in Queens is finally taking place on April 19 at 1pm. The project is designed by WORKac.

[Kew Garden Hills Library Expansion by WORKac | image source]

Here's what I wrote about the project in a 2009 post on projects in Queens:
Another Queens Library project is the expansion of the Kew Garden Hills Library in Kew Garden Hills by WORKac. I saw the project at a lecture by the firm's lead duo. Basically the expansion of the corner building occurs at the two street fronts, like wrapping a square with an "L" in plan. This wrapper is clad in a solid, undulating wall of concrete that is lifted at the corners to reveal storefront glazing below, letting light in and allowing views out. The concrete wall is low at the entrance to mark its location and provide a peek of the green roof above. The shallow, V-shaped section also creates clerestories over the existing roof, providing even more light into the open-plan of the library.
My best educated guess would see the library reopening mid-to-late next year or early 2015.