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Monday, June 17, 2013

Ama'r Children's Culture House

Ama'r Children's Culture House in Copenhagen, Denmark, by Dorte Mandrup Architects, 2013

The following text and images are courtesy of Dorte Mandrup Architects.

The Ama'r Children’s Culture House is an innovative project developed with the fanciful and fun input of children. The Culture House is a Danish Villa Villekulla that offers a unique range of spatial experiences and cultural activities.

Dorte Mandrup Arkitekter considered the children’s countless ideas and wishes throughout the design process. They have created a house with many intriguing angles, caves and stairs that pro- vide a wealth of opportunities for creative expression and exploration. Just like the kids wished for! A dream come true! -Nild Regout, Head of Ama’r Children’s Culture House

The Children’s Culture House mediates the varying scales of adjacent buildings through extruding and cutting their forms. The joint of the building, where the extended lines of the existing buildings meet, is lowered to allow maximum sunlight to reach the neighboring courtyard. The expression of the Children’s Culture House is surprising and imaginative: the roof and facades are treated the same, and the House does not have a “start” and “end” as ordinary houses do.

The building is organized as a mountain. All interior spaces are visually connected, and are bound together by dynamic circulation. The house offers flexible spaces and customized furniture, which have been proven to enhance children’s creativity and active participation. The spaces provide opportunities for varied use and accommodate age groups from 0-18 years with changing needs.

The construction details of The Ama’r Children’s Culture House have been designed in collaboration with Nøhr and Sigsgaard Arkitekter. Photographs are by Torben Eskerod, Jens Lindhe.

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