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Friday, August 02, 2013

Living in Zurich

For the last week and a half I was in Zurich, Switzerland, for World-Architects, checking out some new architecture in the evenings after work. Many of the buildings I happened to look at were recent housing projects, primarily middle-class developments just west of central Zurich. Below are eight of those projects, with links to the architects' websites and more of my photos on Flickr.

Siedlung Grünmatt FGZ (2014) in Zurich, Switzerland, by Graber Pulver.
Siedlung Grünmatt FGZ
[See more photos at Flickr]

Housing Neufrankengasse (2013) in Zurich, Switzerland, by EM2N.
Housing Neufrankengasse
[See more photos at Flickr]

Gutstrasse Wohnüberbauung (2013) in Zurich, Switzerland, by Märkli Architekt.
Gutstrasse Wohnüberbauung
[See more photos at Flickr]

Sunnige Hof (2012) in Zurich, Switzerland, by Burkhalter Sumi Architekten.
Sunnige Hof
[See more photos at Flickr]

Ersatzneubauten Triemli Zürich (2011) by Von Ballmoos Krucker Architekten.
Ersatzneubauten Triemli Zürich
[See more photos at Flickr]

Wohnüberbauung Wasserschöpfi (2011) in Zurich, Switzerland, by Althammer Hochuli.
Wohnüberbauung Wasserschöpfi
[See more photos at Flickr]

K.I.S.S. (2011) in Zurich, Switzerland by Camenzid Evolution.
[See more photos at Flickr]

James (2009) in Zurich, Switzerland, by Gmür & Geschwentner Architekten AG.
[See more photos at Flickr]

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