Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Deux Folies

Earlier today I received an email from Lesétablissements Tourneux in regards to their Lieu-Dit le Temple, a wooden temple in the archeological part of Bliesbruck, France.

It's an appealing construction in the vein of the folly in the landscape.

It has a strong presence at night, and it begs to be climbed.

But it's a far cry from their Astronef, a rocket-like construction in the castle Malbrouck à Manderen.

But what at first glance looks like a goof and arbitrary piece meant to shock...

...is very carefully placed, especially when seen from a distance:

And like the wooden folly, the rocket is a means of experiencing the landscape, in this case via a periscope.

It's hard to see each design coming from the same studio, but each folly is playful in its own way.