Saturday, May 24, 2014

Atlantic Yard Alternatives

The exhibition Five Proposals for the Future of Atlantic Yards opens at the Warehouse Gallery in Brooklyn on June 5, running for just over a couple weeks, until June 22. Per the exhibition's website: "The Atlantic Yards Site presents a major opportunity to create a  significant piece of architecture and urbanism at the center of several Brooklyn neighborhoods. Five architects will present their alternative proposals for the site. Each scheme will provide 4,278,000 square feet of housing and 156,000 square feet of retail space, equivalent to the master plan by Forest City Ratner."

Further, per the website: "The five proposals are intended to illustrate alternative architectural possibilities to the community through schemes that are equally profitable for the developer. The schemes will show that the proposed density is not inherently problematic if distributed properly on the site. The exhibition will open up a dialogue about the site’s potential, giving the community a deeper understanding of architectural and urban planning possibilities to properly develop one of the most significant large scale sites in New York City."

Below are images of four of the five proposals (I guess the fifth one is a surprise for those visiting the gallery?); click on the titles to read about the schemes and see more images.

Matthias Altwicker's and Farzana Gandhi's Flexible City:

OPerA Studio Architecture's The Garden in the Machine:

Amoia Cody Architecture's Vertical Lots:

Joshua Zinder Architecture and Design's Quilted City: